Best methods of Keywords Research

In order to make any profit and to increase the traffic for any online marketing keywords are essential. There are many ways to keyword research that can improve the traffic of a website (more on traffic of a website LINK ).

Depending on the types of product or site you have the keywords will vary but the basic methods of finding the keywords that fit your products/site are:

  • To start with think of short-tail keywords
  • Generate keyword ideas including long-tail
  • Understand the metrics that keyword research tools provide

There are more included within the three methods mentioned above.

Sort-tail Keywords

Sort-tail keywords are what the product/site actually is about. For example, if your site is a furniture store you can search up the products your store sales such as beds, sofas, etc. These keywords will help you decide on more focused keyword ideas. Because the seed keywords are very broad it is difficult to use them to increase your sites traffic. (more on the difference between short-tail and long-tail keywords LINK ).

Short-tail Keyword

Generating Keyword Ideas

Generating keyword ideas that are long-tailed give us a lot of information about the user. It lets us know how far along the user in on their buying process. When searching for keywords see what ranks you already have. Use the keyword research tool such as Google Keyword Planner to help you choose the best keywords. It shows all the information for each keyword you may want to use for your site. Try to understand your users like who they might be or what problems they might have depending on the product/service you are providing. This will help you see things from their perspective and what they will search for. Use keywords that may seem unusual but think about how the user may think if they did not know the product/service you provide. They will try to think of the most unusual keyword for something that slightly describe the product/service they are looking for. Having these keywords may lead to potential buyers. keywords

Understand The Metrics

Understand the metrics that are provided by the keyword research tools. Google Keyword Planner provide many metrics such as volumes, competition, and top of page bid low/high range. Understanding these metrics can help tremendously in choosing your keywords. The volume shows the demand for each keyword from around the world. Having a high volume for keywords mean how many times that keywords is being searched by the users. Knowing the competition for each keyword tells you the importance of that keywords and that there are many other sites are using that exact keywords so it will be hard for you to rank high using that keyword. It is still good to use it but to think of other keywords that are slightly different from the keywords they did not think of will give you a better chance of being ranked high. Of course, when choosing a keyword, the CPC is very important too but more important form the marketing point of view and not some much for SEO’s because the CPC can change anytime. It is best to put the chosen keywords in categories. Put keywords in groups that are intended for curtain users, business value and the priority it has on your website. It helps rank your page for many different keywords and increases your traffic flow.

The Metrics on Google Ads.

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