Michigan SEO best practices

Components of SEO

Onsite SEO is very vital for getting your page ranked. Michigan SEO best practices will include:

  • Good content on page and making sure it is linkable
  • Use the subjected keyword throughout the text content
  • Must have title tag
  • Good URL
  • Add image alt text

First in Michigan SEO best practices is good content. Having good content bring in more traffic in your website. Making the content subject specific is important so it is relevant to the user. Just good content is not enough if the content is not likable. If the content is not likable it is hard to be ranked high and will not drive traffic to the given website. It will not be likable if the content cannot be accessed unless it is log into the account of the user. The content of the page must provide value to its user and not only promoting the subject matter.

Another way of Michigan SEO best practice is to have keywords within the text content. It can have many keywords and surrounding your text content with those chosen keywords will make it easier for the search engine to link your page to users. Having keywords in the content is good for the author as well because it sets a good specific subject matter to focus on. I have explained more in detail why having keyword is important and how to choose good keywords in my other post LINK

Title tag is very important on the Michigan SEO best practices after content. The meta title tag help search engines to understand what your page is about. There is no exact character limit on title length, but it is best to keep it between 50-60 characters. When choosing your title avoid all caps title, use numbers and keywords but make sure you are not just listing all your keywords on the title. Place your most important keyword first because it will have more impact on your ranking of the page. Title tags are used in search engine results page, web browsers and social networks. Title tag is first introduced in the search engine results page and whether someone will clink on your page will also depend on the title tag because it tells users what your page is about. Title tag on the web browser works as a place-holder for users who may have any tabs open. Always make sure that your title tag is offering value to the user because it is their first interaction with your page so they can decide if they should clink on your site.

In Michigan SEO best practice having good URL is beneficial for search engines to determine its relevancy without having to process the content of the page. The URL clearly shows the hierarchy from the main content of the page. It makes it harder for the search engine to know what the page is about if the URL dose not clearly show the hierarchy.  Having good image, video and other links throughout the content will make the reader more engaged on your page. Using image alt links will also make it easier for the search engine to rank our page. Putting keywords in those image alt links will also help the page to be ranked well. These are all the Michigan SEO best practices to rank your page higher. Optimizing these practices will benefit your page and most of all your priority; your users. LINK

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