Understanding Page Rank

To start off with page rank is Google’s opinion on how reputable your website or page is to them. They base their opinion on how well the content on your page is and how important the backlinks are on your page. As well as the use of an algorithm to put a numeric rank on your page. How that numeric rank is calculated by Google is that they take the sum of all inbound links and divide it by the number of links on that page. All that really means is how many links are going back to the website and how many links are coming from that page as well. The importance of those links is very important for example if your page as had an inbound link from CNN.com (which is a very popular website) and it relates to the content of the page it will help boost your page rank. I talked more deeply about the importance of backlinks on my other blog so to learn more about it read LINK.

Page rank described in a simple picture.

Along with links keyword research plays a big part as well. It helps users find your page when they search for those specific words on the Google search engine. Having good content surrounding those keywords are very important because it represents the relevance of your page. I wrote more about the importance of keywords when writing content on your page to learn more read LINK.  Good content not only helps with page rank but also it brings users back to your page repeatedly. Page rank is so important for your website because it put the page on the first page of google search engine so users can find your page more quickly. As we all use google search, we all know that we never go past the first page when searching for information. It is only because we believe that the pages, we see on the first page are the best ones to provide us with the answers to our search. So, it makes sense when a lot of SEO consultants put so much emphasis on the page rank.

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