Factors for On-Page SEO

There are few things that factor in on-page ranking. Some things to pay more attention to while working on On-Page is the content on your page. Good content raises the demand for the page a lot. By good content, I mean having contents that set you apart from other webpages in the search engine. Content can be anything from images, videos to words (paragraphs). As long as that content provides value to your visitors and you not simply just selling yourself. Your content needs to have content that make your users to stay on your page instead of going back and look for a different page. The content needs to be keyword targeted as well but also keep in mind not to staff the page with keywords either. Your primary keyword should be the first word of the title element. You can also have the keywords highlighted with bold/italic as needed. Use the keywords throughout the context of your page (to learn more about keyword rear LINK). However, all the good content needs to be linkable. If the page is not linkable your webpage will not get the traffic you want it to get.  

Factors that matter in On-Page SEO

That brings us to talk about building your website in way that it is open to sharing the content on social networks. That is a very effective way to get your page to be known by others. Having different ways to get recognition for your page is a very good way to convey the importance of your page. You can use backlinks for your content. Have as many backlinks as you can so it gives your page value to Google search engine. Which will help rank your page (to read more about page rank read LINK). All the on-page work every SEO consultant do is to get your page ranked high so your readers can find the page quickly to get the information they are looking for.

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