Best and Easy Ways of Off-site SEO Usage

Difference Between On-page SEO and Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO is very important in ranking your page. Just having good content, keywords, and on-site technique (to learn more about on-site SEO read my previous post LINK) are not enough to rank a page/site. There are many ways to create good backlinks for off-site SEO on your page such as:

  • 2-way and 3-way link exchange
  • Article creation
  • Blog commenting
  • Profile linking

The above list is only few in name for good off-site SEO there are many more.

2-way link exchange is exactly what is sounds like. Page owners can exchange links between other page owners. If it is another SEO you may know, and their site is related to a subject matter that your content is about than you can exchange your link as much as you like. However, having too many backlinks with the same website can decrease your sites vale. 3-way link exchange always has more value than 2-way links. Given the fact it will provide more backlinks as well as it is not easy to do and give more vale to the links. (to learn more on links

Article creation can also provide good backlinks. It is very easy to create articles on article submission sites which are mostly free. Having articles with good content and keywords will prove to be very useful. Good content on the backlinks shows the value is provides for your users.

Blog commenting is one of the easiest ways to create some good backlinks. Because it is easy you may start to leave comments that are not useful for the author. When leaving comments is it best to leave good useful information that can be of help to the page owner. Also make sure the blog you are commenting on has some sort of subject match to your own page. Otherwise, it will not be seen as a good backlink which will lead to decrease on your page rank. 

Profile linking is very good and easy too. If you have any profiles on any social media pages you can share your links, there to create good backlinks and it may also increase your site traffic. To name a few good profiles would be LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook etc. For example, on Pinterest you can create a board and put pins that are related to topics on your page and share your link there for users to learn more about the topic.

These backlinks are interpreted as votes on the page. The more votes your page has the more important your site is for google search engine. Having diversity of links will have very positive affect on your ranking. And diversity links means having backlinks form unique domains rather than from previously linked sites. When linking try to use links form the inside on the content rather than from footer or sidebars. These links provide more value for the ranking.

One of the most basic things to know for off-site SEO is to know Dofollow and Nofollow links. Nofollow links do not allow search engines to follow links, and only humans can follow those links. It is used to reduce search engine spams on your site. Dofollow is the opposite of nofollow, it allows all search engines to follow all the backlinks. Also, the best way to use dofollow is to have your anchor text built around your keyword; to learn more about keyword strategy you can read my previous post LINK.

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