Biddable Media Optimization

Biddable media optimization is also referred to as paid search which is quite often used by many companies to improve their online traffic. This strategy can be used in various platforms to name a few: Business, Shopping, URL etc.  

Benefit #1: First page exposure

Paid searches usually lend on first page of any search engines. Just being on first page is not enough optimize your website in a way that it ranks as top 5 results because many users rarely go beyond those search results. Paid search is the fastest way to reach that goal.

Benefit #2: Having consistent traffic on your website

Using biddable media optimization helps maintain a constant traffic by allowing the advertisers to control traffic as its tied directly to how much PPC, per day and per month the their willing to bid. Google Ads provide an incredible way to collect useful data on products that your website may offer; such as being able to setup campaign in AdWords. By monitoring this will help marketers understand if the Ad will be successful. Also determine which key words will be good for your webpage (to learn more on keyword search read LINK). Relevancy of the work is also very important to maintain. You need to provide the relevant content for your users if failed to do so you will lose your rank as Google crawl through your webpage which eventually lead to less traffic.  Knowing these features will help to you maintain that consistent traffic (to learn more LINK)

It shows the traffic of a website.

Benefit #3: Being able to target geographically and Ad schedule

Best biddable media optimization platform such as Google Ads provide their marketers the ability to target geographically and schedule their Ads. Ad scheduling lets marketers choose specific time and days the Ad will run. This helps advertisers who understand when their consumers will be more likely to response. Even if a marketer did not understand they can easily look at the data form the campaign on AdWords to get a better understanding of their webpage. Geographic targeting allows the marketer to advertise in specific locations all around the world. If the product or service are targeted for a certain cultural or location than paid search allows you to change your Ad to be viewed in that specific geographic area. This will help you budget our Ad bidding.

These are only few benefits in using paid search marketing. I have only mentioned these because these are some of the best benefits the paid search offers to marketers. Keeping in mind that paid search can be costly if not done properly it is best to optimize your website in a way that it provides the most relevancy for your targeted consumers.

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