Factors for On-Page SEO

There are few things that factor in on-page ranking. Some things to pay more attention to while working on On-Page is the content on your page. Good content raises the demand for the page a lot. By good content, I mean having contents that set you apart from other webpages in the search engine. Content can be anything from images, videos to words (paragraphs). As long as that content provides value to your visitors and you not simply just selling yourself. Your content needs to have content that make your users to stay on your page instead of going back and look for a different page. The content needs to be keyword targeted as well but also keep in mind not to staff the page with keywords either. Your primary keyword should be the first word of the title element. You can also have the keywords highlighted with bold/italic as needed. Use the keywords throughout the context of your page (to learn more about keyword rear LINK). However, all the good content needs to be linkable. If the page is not linkable your webpage will not get the traffic you want it to get.  

Factors that matter in On-Page SEO

That brings us to talk about building your website in way that it is open to sharing the content on social networks. That is a very effective way to get your page to be known by others. Having different ways to get recognition for your page is a very good way to convey the importance of your page. You can use backlinks for your content. Have as many backlinks as you can so it gives your page value to Google search engine. Which will help rank your page (to read more about page rank read LINK). All the on-page work every SEO consultant do is to get your page ranked high so your readers can find the page quickly to get the information they are looking for.

Display Network Help Better Market A Product

Display network can help reach your target market audience in websites that are more visited by them. It lets you choose more efficiently where you can show your message to your optimal audience.  You have the options to view your Ads to new customer or your existing customers by remarking to them the products that maybe similar to what they have previously bought form you.

Places the display network can appear.

Display network is exactly what it sounds like you can add images, videos, voice record, as well as texts. Images always tend to attract more interest by people in general. So, having the option to use that to market your products will peak interest in our targeted customers when they actually see the products that they like on the website they frequently visit. On Google Ads you have the options to choose from different types of Ads to view on different websites. Responsive Display ads is automated you can add your text, image or logo and Google can optimize your ads for better performance. Uploaded image ad and Engagement ad allow you to have more control over it. last but not the least Gmail ads it allows you to view your ads on the top tab of a person’s inbox. These are all good options to help better market your products.

Display network help you capture the attention of your customers much earlier in their buying cycle when in search network it takes a little longer. When you put ads in front of people well before they even thought of buying your products. You can make that even more specified by choosing who actually see your ads. You can target by certain audience or demographics. This allows you to narrow down on place where people are looking for your product, but keep in mind not to narrow it down too much where you rick losing half of your target market. You can target by moments where you can add keywords or topics to show your ads on context of certain kinds of websites (to learn more on keywords LINK). When choosing your targeted audience, you can also manage your bidding (to learn more LINK). Having automated ad mange such as Responsive Display ads it can also manage your bidding for you to bring in best results. If you were to manage the bidding yourself, you could adjust the bid for the target market that brings in the most value for you by increasing or decreasing whichever seemed fitted for your product. In general, display network can make your marketing much faster and more enjoyable for your customers where they do not feel your ad is a spam. It is informative while marketing for your products on website your customers like to visit often.

These are some display network advertising

Biddable Media Optimization

Biddable media optimization is also referred to as paid search which is quite often used by many companies to improve their online traffic. This strategy can be used in various platforms to name a few: Business, Shopping, URL etc.  

Benefit #1: First page exposure

Paid searches usually lend on first page of any search engines. Just being on first page is not enough optimize your website in a way that it ranks as top 5 results because many users rarely go beyond those search results. Paid search is the fastest way to reach that goal.

Benefit #2: Having consistent traffic on your website

Using biddable media optimization helps maintain a constant traffic by allowing the advertisers to control traffic as its tied directly to how much PPC, per day and per month the their willing to bid. Google Ads provide an incredible way to collect useful data on products that your website may offer; such as being able to setup campaign in AdWords. By monitoring this will help marketers understand if the Ad will be successful. Also determine which key words will be good for your webpage (to learn more on keyword search read LINK). Relevancy of the work is also very important to maintain. You need to provide the relevant content for your users if failed to do so you will lose your rank as Google crawl through your webpage which eventually lead to less traffic.  Knowing these features will help to you maintain that consistent traffic (to learn more LINK)

It shows the traffic of a website.

Benefit #3: Being able to target geographically and Ad schedule

Best biddable media optimization platform such as Google Ads provide their marketers the ability to target geographically and schedule their Ads. Ad scheduling lets marketers choose specific time and days the Ad will run. This helps advertisers who understand when their consumers will be more likely to response. Even if a marketer did not understand they can easily look at the data form the campaign on AdWords to get a better understanding of their webpage. Geographic targeting allows the marketer to advertise in specific locations all around the world. If the product or service are targeted for a certain cultural or location than paid search allows you to change your Ad to be viewed in that specific geographic area. This will help you budget our Ad bidding.

These are only few benefits in using paid search marketing. I have only mentioned these because these are some of the best benefits the paid search offers to marketers. Keeping in mind that paid search can be costly if not done properly it is best to optimize your website in a way that it provides the most relevancy for your targeted consumers.

Best and Easy Ways of Off-site SEO Usage

Difference Between On-page SEO and Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO is very important in ranking your page. Just having good content, keywords, and on-site technique (to learn more about on-site SEO read my previous post LINK) are not enough to rank a page/site. There are many ways to create good backlinks for off-site SEO on your page such as:

  • 2-way and 3-way link exchange
  • Article creation
  • Blog commenting
  • Profile linking

The above list is only few in name for good off-site SEO there are many more.

2-way link exchange is exactly what is sounds like. Page owners can exchange links between other page owners. If it is another SEO you may know, and their site is related to a subject matter that your content is about than you can exchange your link as much as you like. However, having too many backlinks with the same website can decrease your sites vale. 3-way link exchange always has more value than 2-way links. Given the fact it will provide more backlinks as well as it is not easy to do and give more vale to the links. (to learn more on links https://neilpatel.com/blog/everything-you-need-to-know-about-off-page-seo/)

Article creation can also provide good backlinks. It is very easy to create articles on article submission sites which are mostly free. Having articles with good content and keywords will prove to be very useful. Good content on the backlinks shows the value is provides for your users.

Blog commenting is one of the easiest ways to create some good backlinks. Because it is easy you may start to leave comments that are not useful for the author. When leaving comments is it best to leave good useful information that can be of help to the page owner. Also make sure the blog you are commenting on has some sort of subject match to your own page. Otherwise, it will not be seen as a good backlink which will lead to decrease on your page rank. 

Profile linking is very good and easy too. If you have any profiles on any social media pages you can share your links, there to create good backlinks and it may also increase your site traffic. To name a few good profiles would be LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook etc. For example, on Pinterest you can create a board and put pins that are related to topics on your page and share your link there for users to learn more about the topic.

These backlinks are interpreted as votes on the page. The more votes your page has the more important your site is for google search engine. Having diversity of links will have very positive affect on your ranking. And diversity links means having backlinks form unique domains rather than from previously linked sites. When linking try to use links form the inside on the content rather than from footer or sidebars. These links provide more value for the ranking.

One of the most basic things to know for off-site SEO is to know Dofollow and Nofollow links. Nofollow links do not allow search engines to follow links, and only humans can follow those links. It is used to reduce search engine spams on your site. Dofollow is the opposite of nofollow, it allows all search engines to follow all the backlinks. Also, the best way to use dofollow is to have your anchor text built around your keyword; to learn more about keyword strategy you can read my previous post LINK.

Michigan SEO best practices

Components of SEO

Onsite SEO is very vital for getting your page ranked. Michigan SEO best practices will include:

  • Good content on page and making sure it is linkable
  • Use the subjected keyword throughout the text content
  • Must have title tag
  • Good URL
  • Add image alt text

First in Michigan SEO best practices is good content. Having good content bring in more traffic in your website. Making the content subject specific is important so it is relevant to the user. Just good content is not enough if the content is not likable. If the content is not likable it is hard to be ranked high and will not drive traffic to the given website. It will not be likable if the content cannot be accessed unless it is log into the account of the user. The content of the page must provide value to its user and not only promoting the subject matter.

Another way of Michigan SEO best practice is to have keywords within the text content. It can have many keywords and surrounding your text content with those chosen keywords will make it easier for the search engine to link your page to users. Having keywords in the content is good for the author as well because it sets a good specific subject matter to focus on. I have explained more in detail why having keyword is important and how to choose good keywords in my other post LINK

Title tag is very important on the Michigan SEO best practices after content. The meta title tag help search engines to understand what your page is about. There is no exact character limit on title length, but it is best to keep it between 50-60 characters. When choosing your title avoid all caps title, use numbers and keywords but make sure you are not just listing all your keywords on the title. Place your most important keyword first because it will have more impact on your ranking of the page. Title tags are used in search engine results page, web browsers and social networks. Title tag is first introduced in the search engine results page and whether someone will clink on your page will also depend on the title tag because it tells users what your page is about. Title tag on the web browser works as a place-holder for users who may have any tabs open. Always make sure that your title tag is offering value to the user because it is their first interaction with your page so they can decide if they should clink on your site.

In Michigan SEO best practice having good URL is beneficial for search engines to determine its relevancy without having to process the content of the page. The URL clearly shows the hierarchy from the main content of the page. It makes it harder for the search engine to know what the page is about if the URL dose not clearly show the hierarchy.  Having good image, video and other links throughout the content will make the reader more engaged on your page. Using image alt links will also make it easier for the search engine to rank our page. Putting keywords in those image alt links will also help the page to be ranked well. These are all the Michigan SEO best practices to rank your page higher. Optimizing these practices will benefit your page and most of all your priority; your users. LINK

Best methods of Keywords Research

In order to make any profit and to increase the traffic for any online marketing keywords are essential. There are many ways to keyword research that can improve the traffic of a website (more on traffic of a website LINK ).

Depending on the types of product or site you have the keywords will vary but the basic methods of finding the keywords that fit your products/site are:

  • To start with think of short-tail keywords
  • Generate keyword ideas including long-tail
  • Understand the metrics that keyword research tools provide

There are more included within the three methods mentioned above.

Sort-tail Keywords

Sort-tail keywords are what the product/site actually is about. For example, if your site is a furniture store you can search up the products your store sales such as beds, sofas, etc. These keywords will help you decide on more focused keyword ideas. Because the seed keywords are very broad it is difficult to use them to increase your sites traffic. (more on the difference between short-tail and long-tail keywords LINK ).

Short-tail Keyword

Generating Keyword Ideas

Generating keyword ideas that are long-tailed give us a lot of information about the user. It lets us know how far along the user in on their buying process. When searching for keywords see what ranks you already have. Use the keyword research tool such as Google Keyword Planner to help you choose the best keywords. It shows all the information for each keyword you may want to use for your site. Try to understand your users like who they might be or what problems they might have depending on the product/service you are providing. This will help you see things from their perspective and what they will search for. Use keywords that may seem unusual but think about how the user may think if they did not know the product/service you provide. They will try to think of the most unusual keyword for something that slightly describe the product/service they are looking for. Having these keywords may lead to potential buyers. keywords

Understand The Metrics

Understand the metrics that are provided by the keyword research tools. Google Keyword Planner provide many metrics such as volumes, competition, and top of page bid low/high range. Understanding these metrics can help tremendously in choosing your keywords. The volume shows the demand for each keyword from around the world. Having a high volume for keywords mean how many times that keywords is being searched by the users. Knowing the competition for each keyword tells you the importance of that keywords and that there are many other sites are using that exact keywords so it will be hard for you to rank high using that keyword. It is still good to use it but to think of other keywords that are slightly different from the keywords they did not think of will give you a better chance of being ranked high. Of course, when choosing a keyword, the CPC is very important too but more important form the marketing point of view and not some much for SEO’s because the CPC can change anytime. It is best to put the chosen keywords in categories. Put keywords in groups that are intended for curtain users, business value and the priority it has on your website. It helps rank your page for many different keywords and increases your traffic flow.

The Metrics on Google Ads.

Understanding Page Rank

To start off with page rank is Google’s opinion on how reputable your website or page is to them. They base their opinion on how well the content on your page is and how important the backlinks are on your page. As well as the use of an algorithm to put a numeric rank on your page. How that numeric rank is calculated by Google is that they take the sum of all inbound links and divide it by the number of links on that page. All that really means is how many links are going back to the website and how many links are coming from that page as well. The importance of those links is very important for example if your page as had an inbound link from CNN.com (which is a very popular website) and it relates to the content of the page it will help boost your page rank. I talked more deeply about the importance of backlinks on my other blog so to learn more about it read LINK.

Page rank described in a simple picture.

Along with links keyword research plays a big part as well. It helps users find your page when they search for those specific words on the Google search engine. Having good content surrounding those keywords are very important because it represents the relevance of your page. I wrote more about the importance of keywords when writing content on your page to learn more read LINK.  Good content not only helps with page rank but also it brings users back to your page repeatedly. Page rank is so important for your website because it put the page on the first page of google search engine so users can find your page more quickly. As we all use google search, we all know that we never go past the first page when searching for information. It is only because we believe that the pages, we see on the first page are the best ones to provide us with the answers to our search. So, it makes sense when a lot of SEO consultants put so much emphasis on the page rank.